Monday, October 8, 2007


"There is no global warming. Period."

"Anyone who tells you that scientific research shows warming trends -- be they teachers, newscasters, Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents, or Presidents -- is wrong," writes Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center in a recent issue of his DeWeese Report. "There is," he insists, "no global warming."

DeWeese calls global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of the world, bar none. Those who have been fighting against the green agenda have been warning that modern-day environmentalism has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the environment," he observes. "Rather, it is a political movement led by those who seek to control the world economies, dictate development, and redistribute the world's wealth."

DeWeese describes the relentless propaganda campaign that has been waged over the past couple of decades. "The American people have been assaulted from all directions by rabid environmentalists," he contends. "School children have been told that recycling is a matter of life and death. Businesses have been shut down. Valuable products like freon have been removed from the market. Chemicals and pesticides that helped to make this nation the safest and healthiest in the world are targeted for extinction."

DeWeese warns that the Climate Change Protocol is "a legally binding international treaty through which signing nations agree to cut back their energy emissions to 15 percent below 1990 levels." He insists that "it doesn't matter" if the final version is somewhat modified. "Such a massive disruption in the American economy, particularly since it has nothing to do with protecting the environment, will devastate this nation," DeWeese predicts. "To meet such drastically reduced energy standards will, in the short run, cost the United States over one million jobs."

DeWeese emphasizes that "only developed industrial nations will be bound by the treaty. Undeveloped Third World nations will be free to produce whatever they want. These will include China, India, Brazil, and Mexico," he observes, noting that "eighty-two percent of the projected emissions growth in coming years is from these countries." That fact alone proves that the Climate Change Treaty is not designed to protect the environment. "The truth, of course," says DeWeese, "is that the treaty is really about redistribution of wealth," from America to the rest of the world.

Remember when we were supposed to be frightened because the world was getting colder? When that fraud was exposed, we then were told to beware of global warming. More and more people are now recognizing that this too is nonsense. So, what dread prospect will the conjurors of calamity con us with next? Will they try to stampede us into global governance by warning that the temperature will remain constant? No, that's not scary enough. Probably, what they will do is try to convince us that the earth is getting colder and warmer, simultaneously. After all, some of us might like it colder, some might like it hotter, but nobody likes it both ways at the same time.


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