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Blogger Panta Rei said...

Will all of the rest of Europe really accept a second No from Ireland...

Several are saying they'll go their own way, not let Ireland stop them - and it is to some extent understandable, although the
initial position called for everyone's agreement.

In such a case, what's left for Ireland?
That's right, yet another vote...

For those who don't know the 'story' behind this vote...

A Bedtime Story for all Nice Children and not so Maastricht Adults

The Happy Family

Once upon a time there was a family treaty-ing themselves to a visit in Lisbon.
On the sunny day that it was they decided to go out together.
Everyone had to agree on what they would do.
"So", said Daddy Brusselsprout "Let's all go for a picnic!"
"No", said Aunt Erin, "I don't want to".
Did they then think of something else, that they might indeed agree on?
Oh yes they did?
Oh no they didn't!
Daddy Brusselsprout asked all the others anyway, isolating Erin, and then asked her if instead, she would like to go with them to
the park and eat out of a lunch basket....

Kids, we'll finish this story tomorrow, and remember, in the EU yes means yes and no means yes as well!

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